AGM service awards and news

May 4, 2018
AGM service awards and news

On May 3rd the Homestead Co-op held its Annual General Meeting at the Active Living Centre. There were 44 members present for the meeting. The cash repayments will be happening in the beginning of December this year instead of May. The amalgamation with Portage will officially occur February 3rd, 2019.

There were numerous staff that received service awards this year.

40 year award:

  • Debbie Meldrum (Carman Grocery)

30 year award:

  • Harry Armishaw (Carman Home Centre)
  • Anita Latimer (Treherne Grocery)

25 year award:

  • Jason Remple (Carman Home Centre)

20 year award:

  • Jason Rheault (General Manager)
  • Mel Krempasky (Gas Bar)
  • Jackie Warkentin (Carman Meat)

10 year award:

  • Amanda Siemens (Carman Grocery)

5 year Award:

  • Nola Cox (Carman Meat)
  • Del Fraser (Carman Grocery)
  • Jill McCullough (Carman Bakery)
  • Andi Neff (Administration)
  • Debbie Oughton (Carman Produce)
  • Kelsey Paton (Carman Grocery)
  • Evelyn Penner (Carman Home Centre)
  • Cole Redmond (Gas Bar)
  • Tabitha Ruf (Carman Grocery)
  • Linda Tulman (Carman Grocery)
  • Susan Unger (Carman Deli)
  • Quentin Vandermeulen (Treherne Grocery)


     Debbie Meldrum's 40 year award            

     Anita Latimer's 30 year award

          Jason Rheault and Mel Krepasky's 20 year award  

   Amanda Siemens 10 year award



Quentin Vandermeulen, Andi Neff, Del Fraser, Cole Redmond, Linda Tulman and Susan Unger  5 year award